Deaf and Sight Loss Awareness Training

Join YouthLink Scotland, RNIB Scotland and Deaf Action for interactive training on Deaf and Sight Loss Awareness.


Deaf Action will help build your awareness of deaf culture and the needs of the deaf community and a better understanding of what BSL is and what it isn’t.

RNIB Scotland’s session will support you to gain an understanding of living with sight loss and how best to support someone who is blind or partially sighted.

You will have the opportunity to learn from individuals with first-hand experience of growing up deaf in Scotland and someone who is partially sighted. You will learn about the challenges faced by deaf young people and those living with sight loss in two back to back sessions. By the end of the training you will have learnt how to make your services more accessible and welcoming to young people with different accessibility needs.

The sessions will be interactive, with an opportunity to learn some BSL.

RNIB is the leading sight loss charity in the UK and is driving the creation of a world where there are no barriers for people with sight loss.

Deaf Action is Scotland’s leading deaf charity and has a mission to empower all deaf people to achieve their potential and fully participate in society, with equality of rights, access and opportunity. Their award-winning Youth Service supports deaf young people from all over Scotland to overcome the barriers they face and develop a positive deaf identity.

The session from Deaf Action will be delivered in BSL and voiced over by BSL/English Interpreter, who will also be present for the session from RNIB Scotland.