From Toxic to Positive - How Scotland Can Lead the Way in Reframing Masculinity

Join us on Wednesday 15th May at the Cross Party Group on Children and Young People in the Scottish Parliament. We will be talking about how we can ‘flip the script’ and change the narrative from ‘toxic’ to ‘positive’ masculinity.

Young males and youth workers from Royston Youth Action posing in hand made Imagine a Man frame

Men are failing to flourish. If we examine the evidence around men’s mental health, attainment levels, and suicide rates we can see that men are doing badly. For a long time, we have known that ‘toxic’ masculinity has been a driver of violence. Men are far more likely to be both the victims and perpetrators of violent acts, including knife crimes. Men have poorer physical and mental health than women and poorer overall outcomes. Where masculinity intersects with poverty these outcomes are even worse.

Talking about positive masculinity promotes healthier gender norms and creates a more equitable and inclusive society. Positive masculinity benefits everyone. When boys and young men don’t have a vision to believe in, or a language to express themselves or their aspirations, then ‘toxic’ influencers fill the void.

Panel Speakers:

This event aims to delve into the complexities of masculinity and explore avenues for positive change. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, Scotland can lead the way in reframing masculinity for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Please email Sarah Paterson, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at YouthLink Scotland if you would like to attend.