European Youth Foundation

Provides financial and educational support for young people and European youth activities, that promote the organisation’s fundamental values. Deadlines for 2024 are: 15th January and 15th May.

The European Youth Foundation (EYF) provides financial and educational support to a wide range of youth projects, focusing on a range of different topics. Whether projects take place at local or international level, EYF-supported projects all share some common characteristics. Learn more about these characteristics and check examples of projects supported at the dedicated page. 

The EYF provides grants to non-governmental youth organisations. For the EYF, eligible youth organisations have the following characteristics:

The following types of organisations and/or networks are eligible:

There are two deadlines each year: 15 January  2024 for international activities and annual work plans and 15 May 2024 for international activities, annual work plans and one-off structural grants. Local youth NGOs, national youth NGOs and regional networks of NGOs can apply for pilot activities throughout the year.

Applications are submitted online.

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