Youth Work, Education and Skills

Youth workers design and deliver learning experiences that support young people to develop valuable skills, capacities and achievements throughout their learner journey.

Boy in educational environment and two young people looking at a chart

Youth work is part of Scotland’s education system. It’s a valuable element of the learner journey for all children and young people, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their potential in learning, life and work.

Within Curriculum for Excellence, youth work complements and enhances the formal curriculum, improving readiness to learn, health and wellbeing and educational outcomes for learners. Youth workers design and deliver learning in communities, schools and colleges.

Our vision for education is that every child and young person can experience their right to an education which helps them to develop their personality, talents and abilities to their fullest potential (UNCRC Article 29). We believe a rights-based approach must include access to youth work.

YouthLink Scotland also works to promote and advance the role of youth work across the lifelong learning journey, including its contribution to the post-school ecosystem and youth employability.

The National Youth Work Outcomes and Youth Work Skills Framework support young people to recognise and articulate their journey through youth work.