Equalities and Participation

Participation and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are not just buzzwords, but essential values that are at the core of all youth work practice. Youth work provides a space to understand and challenge discrimination and prejudice, removing barriers to participation.

Youth workers meet young people where they are, creating a safe and supportive space where they can explore important issues and challenge discrimination and prejudice. By focusing on the rights of the most marginalized and excluded young people, we work to remove the barriers caused by inequality.

Youth Work strives to understand the unique barriers faced by young people and help them to participate in youth social action, whether it’s through local committees or on a national level. By doing so, this helps to create more inclusive spaces where all young people feel valued and heard.

At YouthLink Scotland, we are committed to making a difference to the lives of young people by putting Participation and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the heart of everything we do to make sure all young people’s voices are actively included in the decisions that impact them.


Action on Prejudice
Action on Prejudice, funded by Scottish Government, is a virtual one-stop shop for young people and those who work with young people to find facts, videos, research, learning tools and other resources focused on challenging discrimination and hate crime as well as promoting diversity and inclusion.
Action on Sectarianism logo
Action On Sectarianism
Action on Sectarianism is a national programme that focuses on providing information that inspires action on sectarianism in Scotland. We support the work of partner organisations to work in communities. We raise awareness of sectarianism and its impact on different people.
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The #IWill Scotland Movement aims to make participation in volunteering and social action the norm for ALL young people. It aims to encourage and empower more young people to act, make a difference and influence change within their communities and society.
#YouthVIP logo
#YouthVIP is a partnership between YouthLink Scotland, Project Scotland, and Young Scot, which aims to grow the number of high-quality volunteering opportunities for young people in Scotland.
YouthBank Scotland
YouthBank Scotland is an innovative grant making and empowerment initiative run by young people for young people. It builds on their skills and experiences to enable them to give cash for action, funding young people’s ideas for the benefit of the wider community.
Participative Democracy Certificate
The Participative Democracy Certificate (PDC) is an award that provides SCQF level 5 accreditation to young people actively involved in decision-making in groups. It gives participants the opportunity to develop communication, decision-making and participation in the context of democratic engagement at both local and national level.
Young people sitting together engaging in discussion
Participatory Budgeting
The Participatory Budgeting Qualification (PBQ) is a new qualification created YouthLink Scotland and key partners. It supports young people to fully engage in local Participatory Budgeting opportunities and have a direct say in local funding decisions.
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Children’s Rights
Children’s rights has always been a top priority for the youth work sector in Scotland, however as we move towards full incorporation of the UNCRC into Scots Law realising and recognising that role will be more important than ever.