Youth work plays a key role across the employability landscape. Youth workers support young people in schools, communities and post-school contexts, developing the young workforce throughout their learner journey. 

Youth worker and young person give the thumbs up

In May 2022 YouthLink Scotland published Youth work and employability – an audit. This highlights youth work’s reach across the landscape, including:

YouthLink Scotland works with our members to ensure youth work is understood and valued across the employability and skills ecosystem. Recently this has included promoting and supporting the sector’s role in Scotland’s careers services. Read the Career Review’s final report for more information.

Youth Work and Volunteering

Youth Workers are skilled at engaging and supporting young people as volunteers so that they can build skills and make progress towards and into employment..


In this short report, young people and youth workers outline the hallmarks of a youth work approach to volunteering and what makes it so effective.  The report also includes a summary of  young people’s perspectives on the positive impact of youth work supporting progression and positive outcomes.



Young People's Volunteering Stories

In the stories below, you can read young people’s individual accounts of their journeys in volunteering in different youth work settings across Scotland.


Case Studies

Recent examples of youth work that supports young people to build their readiness for work.

Recent Employability Publications

Youth work sector and policy publications connected to employability.

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