Tackling the Nature and Climate Emergency

An opportunity for the youth work sector to contribute to the Scottish Government’s Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and Delivery Plan by consulting and engaging young people in how we tackle the nature and climate emergency.

Two hands, one holding a globe and one holding a plant

We are specifically looking for input from young people into the Scottish Government consultation on how we tackle the Nature Emergency.

We all depend on biodiversity (nature) in our lives. As well as its intrinsic value, it provides our food, helps flood prevention and soil erosion, purifies our water, contributes to our wellbeing and lots more. However, nature is in trouble and we are at a tipping point for nature. It is in decline globally and Scotland is one of the most depleted countries in the world.

The consultation is wide ranging and seeks views on a range of topics but Chapter 7 specifically looks at the indirect drivers of biodiversity loss which include aspects of our culture and behaviour, economy and governance and our institutions and technology.

Peoples disconnect with nature and the consequent lack of recognition for the value and importance of nature have been identified as key.

Chapter 7 highlights a set of detailed actions and tasks that they believe will help overcome these indirect drivers by:

We are looking for feedback specifically for young people on whether the tasks and actions identified in chapter 7 are appropriate.

The consultation closes on 14th December 2023.

Please contact Naomi Dixon, Development Officer (Learning for Sustainability) for more information.