Recruitment now open for NHS 24's Youth Forum

NHS 24 is committed to involving people from different backgrounds and with different experiences, in the design, development and improvement of its services.

NHS 24 is recruiting new volunteers to the NHS 24 Youth Forum.

The aim of NHS 24 Youth Forum is to engage with a diverse range of young people from across Scotland between the ages of 16 and 26.  It wants to give young people an opportunity to help influence its work through sharing their views and experiences.

As a member of NHS 24 Youth Forum, a young person can expect:

  1. To meet friendly, supportive and welcoming staff
  2. Accessible venues or meetings that take place via Microsoft Teams
  3. Encouragement to express your views on our work
  4. Recognition and appreciation of your views
  5. Support and guidance
  6. To be treated as a colleague who actively contributes to NHS 24’s goals through volunteering
  7. To join an organisation which has achieved the UK quality standard for good practice in volunteer management
  8. To be offered an opportunity to gain a referee for future job applications
  9. To receive Young Saltire points for volunteering

To learn more about the Youth Forum, please contact us at: of the NHS 24 team will arrange to have an informal chat with you about how you can join.