Let's rejoin Erasmus+

The Young European Movement, in partnership with European Movement UK and the British Youth Council, is calling on the UK Government to restore Britain’s membership of the Erasmus+ Programme, which was ended abruptly in 2020 despite promises of its continuation.

Erasmus is a pillar of European integration and cross-cultural understanding. It gives opportunities to people who may otherwise not be able to travel, meet and learn about European people and cultures.

Since leaving the programme, the number of European students studying in the UK has collapsed, funding for the youth sector has fallen and Britain’s cultural connection to our neighbours is waning.

That’s why young people from across the UK will be meeting with MPs and MEPs in Westminster to discuss this new campaign and insist the Government commit to re-entering the Erasmus+ Programme as soon as possible.

Can you help demonstrate just how much support this campaign already has by signing the joint petition to ‘Embrace Erasmus+’?

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For more information on the campaign, join an exclusive Erasmus+ webinar from 6:30pm to 7.30pm on 12th December for , where you’ll have the opportunity to hear from politicians and Erasmus+ participants.