Tackling Gender-based Violence

A dedicated approach to prevent and respond to gender-based violence (GBV) in schools has been published.

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Developed by a working group co-chaired by the Scottish Government, Rape Crisis Scotland and Zero Tolerance, the framework encompasses testimony from young people and staff and sets out how schools can use education, with an emphasis on compassion, to challenge societal views which normalise gender-based violence.

It aims to support schools by:

GBV refers to behaviours ranging from name calling, intimidation and physical violence to sexual harassment and emotional abuse, which can affect anyone, but is more commonly experienced by women and girls.

The Behaviour in Scottish Schools Research report, published last year, highlighted an increase in misogynistic views and language as an emerging concern in schools which the Education Secretary committed to developing a dedicated approach to address, as part of the government’s wider response to challenges with behaviour in schools.