Transforming Conflict, Improving Lives: A new report by Cyrenians Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution

The SCCR has launched a new report covering the service’s work over the past seven years while looking to its future.

Transforming Conflict: Improving Lives breaks down the past seven years into statistics. In addition to consistently positive evaluation feedback from the young people, parents and carers, and professionals who have experience of SCCR’s work, the report shares information such as people in 187 countries (including the USA, China, Germany, France, India and Australia) have digitally engaged with our service.

The report goes on to discuss the results of the national survey. They revealed the highlights of their survey in April, which you can still read about in this earlier blog. The main findings from the survey include the stat that 19% of young people have thought about leaving home due to arguments at least on a monthly basis, while 39% of young people and 62% of parents say that conflict at home happens at least weekly.

While relationship breakdown remains the leading reason for youth homelessness in Scotland, the SCCR’s survey demonstrates a majority of the young people and their parents / carers who responded want to better manage family relationships, which is why the SCCR remains necessary now and into the future.

Over the next year, the SCCR plans to tackle youth homelessness by: