Youth Work Dumfries & Galloway

Youth Work Dumfries & Galloway works with young people aged 12-25 across the local authority, focusing on five main issues: community-based youth work, youth work in schools, youth democracy & participation, wider achievement & accreditation, and third sector support. 

Over the course of Heids Together: A Wellbeing & Youth Work Resource, Youth Work D&G developed a toolkit covering different aspects of mental health with creative inputs that will develop coping skills and strategies.   

This toolkit is designed so that it can be delivered facetoface with young people in groups, or on a one-to-one basis. It was also designed so that it can be delivered digitally by posting the physical resources needed for activities to young people in advance of each session.   

The toolkit looks at aspects of mental health which young people can experience on a low-level as part of everyday life as well as those who have been clinically diagnosed with mental health conditions such as anxiety.   

It also covers more positive aspects of mental health like happiness, mindfulness and self-care which encourages young people to see mental health as something that everybody has and that it can go up and down.