Community Learning and Development Competences and Code of Ethics

As youth work forms part of the wider field of Community Learning and Development (CLD), youth workers work towards high standards of practice and ethics, which are outlined in the Competent Practitioner Framework.

This is part of the building blocks of practice underpinning the youth work outcomes, enabling us to deliver quality youth work, working alongside young people developing skills and confidence. 

The CLD Standards Council is the professional body for Community Learning and Development in Scotland. Everyone practising youth work can join as a registered or associate member. 

CLD Competences

The Competence Framework brings together the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that make up competence in CLD practice. The Framework is used by practitioners, training providers and employers to reflect on, develop and strengthen practice.

The Framework comprises the 7 competences, 5 key attributes and the definition of a competent practitioner. It complements the Youth Work National Occupational Standards. 

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is part of a foundation for youth work and CLD, together with our values and principles, the Competences for CLD and the national occupational standards.  

Code of Ethics for Community Learning and Development 

The CLD Standards Council has developed a resource for practitioners using the CLD Code of ethics.

Ethical Practice – Competent Practitioners is available to download in pdf format. 

YouthLink Scotland has also developed this Youth Work Commentary on the Code of Ethics.

Register with the CLD Standards Council

If you work or volunteer in youth work and commit to work towards the Competencies and be guided by the Code of Ethics, you can join the CLD Standards Council