National Youth Work Awards Archive

Dive into a celebration of excellence and dedication in youth work to reminisce about evenings you’ll never forget!

Since 2008, we’ve been celebrating the power of youth work and the incredible youth workers who make it all possible at our annual National Youth Work Awards ceremonies.

Welcome to our treasured archive, where every page is a chapter in the inspiring story of Scotland’s youth workers. The National Youth Work Awards stands as a testament to the extraordinary dedication, creativity, and impact of individuals and teams who have shaped the landscape of youth work across the nation.

Each year, these awards spotlight the exceptional and often unsung heroes in our communities – the youth workers who ignite potential, foster resilience, and open doors to new opportunities for young people. As you journey through our archive, you’ll discover the heart-warming stories, memorable moments, and transformative initiatives that have been celebrated over the years.

Our archive is more than just a record of past events; it’s a source of inspiration and a beacon of excellence in youth work. Explore the vibrancy of our ceremonies, the passionate speeches, and the joyous celebrations that marked each year. From stirring achievements to innovative projects, these archives encapsulate the spirit and impact of youth work in Scotland.

Whether you’re a past attendee, a dedicated youth worker, or simply passionate about the growth and support of young people, this archive offers a rich insight into the dynamic world of youth work. We invite you to delve into these pages, celebrate the achievements, and be inspired by the stories of those who dedicate their lives to empowering Scotland’s youth.


Meet the Finalists

Arts & Creativity Finalists
Arts & Creativity
By giving young people the skills, confidence and opportunities to explore their creativity, these finalists have opened up pathways for our stars of the future!
Community based finalists
Community-based Youth Work
Sponsored by Education Scotland and Scottish Community Safety Network, this award recognises youth work whose roots are firmly planted in the communities they serve.
Digital & STEM finalists
Digital & STEM
From helping young people navigate their online lives, to helping create the tech superstars of the future, digital youth work is more relevant than ever! Let’s meet our three amazing finalists.
Environment & Conservation finalist
Environment & Conservation
Youth work plays a vital role in helping young people understand the world around them, and crucially: how they can change it for the better. Meet our three incredible finalists supporting the next generation of climate activists!
Equality & Diversity finalists
Equality & Diversity
This year’s finalists demonstrate the incredible power youth work has to bring people together and to celebrate our differences in the communities we share.
Health and Wellbeing Finalists
Health & Wellbeing
Whether it’s supporting young people to make healthy choices, signposting mental health services or simply lending a friendly ear when it’s required, youth workers provide a vital layer of support to ensure Scotland’s young people can continue to lead happy, healthy lives.
Inclusion & Prevention Finalists
Inclusion & Prevention
Youth workers are ideally placed to identify and address risk-taking behaviour, ensuring young people understand the consequences of their actions and the implications for the people they care for. Let’s meet our finalists!
Inspirational Leader  Finalists
Inspirational Leader
Inspirational leaders raise standards by their example. They refuse to accept limitations. They eat challenges for breakfast. Meet our three incredible finalists who capture the imagination of all they meet, creating incredible youth work wherever they go.
Participation & Youth Voice finalists
Participation & Youth Voice
Young people have power when it comes to making a difference. They are brave, full of ideas, and always thinking about the future. Their ideas are sparks that can ignite big transformations. These finalists are supporting young people to fearlessly question and have their say.
Recognising Skills & Achievement finalists
Recognising Skills and Achievement
Youth workers are part of education. They help young people to develop the knowledge, achievement and skills to reach their potential in learning, life and work, and face the future with confidence.
Team of the Year Finalists
Team of the Year
There’s no I in Team. And there’s no denying that some of the best youth work happens in partnership. Our nominees are empowering staff and volunteers to deliver high-quality youth work services together.
Volunteer youth worker finalist
Volunteer Youth Worker
Did you know that youth work volunteers across Scotland give 13 million hours of their time each year. These finalists are creating opportunities for young people to realise their potential and supporting their achievements.
Youth worker of the year finalists
Youth Worker of the Year
These finalists are respected by young people, youth workers and partners alike. They embody the skills, knowledge and values of youth work, making sure that young people have the opportunity to learn and develop.
Lifetime Achievement (Fellowship of YouthLink Scotland)
Lifetime Achievement
Commitment and outstanding service to young people and the youth work sector. When you tot it all up, the winners have dedicated hundreds of years to improving the lives of generations of young people in Scotland.