Girlguiding Scotland: We help girls shape the future

The team at Girlguiding Scotland have blogged for us as part of our #MyLearnerJourney series to share the work they do to show girls and young women that there’s no wrong path. 

Stitched pink badge with the word 'Jobs' in thetop left and three hats - construction worker, chef and police, and a Girlguiding logo on it.

Here at Girlguiding Scotland we’re passionate about empowering girls and showing them there’s no wrong path in life. To celebrate the My Learner Journey campaign in the run up to exam results day on 6 August, we’re keen to spread the word about how we help girls shape their future outside of the school gates.

The 1st Cults Brownies have been busy working through the Skills For My Future theme from our new programme. We caught up with volunteers Kirsty and Lisa to find out what happened when BBC Scotland journalist Fiona Stalker dropped by to help the girls earn their Jobs badge.

“Our Brownies started thinking about what they’d like to do when they grow up for the first time ever when they began working towards their Jobs Interest badge. In order to open their eyes to some of the different and exciting careers they can do one day we had doctors and engineers stop by to chat to them, as well as BBC journalist Fiona Stalker.

The girls prepared questions for Fiona ahead of her visit and ended up asking her things like how did she get her job at BBC Scotland and how long has she been in her role? It was great to see them taking an interest in how a successful woman like Fiona climbed the career ladder. Here’s what she had to say about the day:

“My twin girls go to 1st Cults Brownies so I was delighted to be involved. There was an excellent range of jobs represented. The girls were all very engaged and I was really impressed by the thought that had gone into their questions. I definitely spotted a couple of future reporters among the group!”

Normally it’s the adults who ask the questions but the girls were most certainly the ones in control that night. Unlike school there wasn’t a lot of input from us as their leaders so they had to figure out what they wanted to ask and memorise everything which gave them a real sense of independence.

By speaking to adults they’d never spoken to before the girls really stepped outside of their comfort zones and grew in confidnece. They also had to ask their questions in a limited amount of time so their time management skills were put to the test too.

The main thing I love about being a Girlguiding volunteer is getting to equip girls with the skills they need to take on the future which is extremely rewarding. So, if you’re keen to do the same and inspire girls in your local area then why not sign up and get involved today?”