The Fore’s 2024 National Funding Round

The programme is offering unrestricted grants of up to £30,000 in 2024 to help small charities and social enterprises develop, grow or become more sustainable.

The Fore supports small charities that make a significant impact. They provide unrestricted funding to help applicants grow, strengthen, become more efficient, or resilient. By engaging with you and your charity to understand your needs, their grants aim to create a transformational impact on your organization. The Fore recognizes applicants as experts in their respective fields, even if they lack extensive fundraising experience. Their approach aims to level the playing field.

They are particularly interested in hearing from grassroots organizations that work with underserved communities. Additionally, The Fore takes pride in being one of the first grant funders for many of the charities in their portfolio1. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can explore their grants program and consider applying for support.

Here are the key points about The Fore’s funding program:

Feel free to explore their website for more details and take their eligibility quiz to see if your organization qualifies for their support