The Meikle Foundation

The Meikle Foundation (previously the Martin Connell Charitable Trust) has supported a wide range of charitable activities including medical, youth, aged and cultural.

The objectives of the The Meikle Foundation are widely drawn and allow payments of income or capital to, or for the benefit of, such charitable institutions, societies or organisations as the Trustees of The Meikle Foundation in their absolute discretion may select.

The Foundation primarily furthers its charitable purposes by making charitable donations biannually and invites applications/appeals from relevant bodies co-ordinated through its registered office. The Trustees meet twice a year to consider appeals received and the continuation of support for entities which have received support in the past. The Trustees do not give to individuals. They donate predominately to Scottish based charities or charities with a Scottish connection, with a particular emphasis on the Fife and Aberdeen areas. They donate to a wide variety of entities where they perceive that a small donation, typically around £2,000, will make a significant impact. The donations cover a wide range of categories including medical, youth, aged and cultural. The Trustees objectives, both in the short and long term, are to continue with their grant making strategy, to the extent achievable from the available income.​