The Prince's Trust Development Awards

Young people aged 16-30 can apply for funding to cover the cost of course fees, tools or equipment to help them achieve their goals.

The Prince’s Trust can provide young people with a Development Award. The amount of each Award depends on your unique needs, future career goals and personal development plans.
Awards are available from £10 right up to a maximum of £500.
To be eligible for an Award, you must be:
  • Aged 16 to 30 and living in the UK.
  • Studying less than 14 hours a week or not in compulsory education.
  • Unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week.

Development Awards can support:

  • Accredited course fees up to Level 3 (A-level equivalent).
  • Tools, equipment or uniforms for a job or qualification.
  • Job licence fees.
  • Transport to a new job until your first pay slip.