British Red Cross Survey - Enhancing Volunteer Experiences for Young People

This survey has been created in collaboration with the British Red Cross – a humanitarian organisation providing aid and community support both in the UK and internationally.

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British Red Cross is interested in how to get more young people (15-25 year olds) involved by developing services to support young people and also, providing young people with rewarding volunteer opportunities allowing them to learn new skills, create new social connections and gain experience.

This survey has been created to understand what young people want from a volunteering role, what is most important to them when starting a new position and what the organisation or charity could do to provide the best possible experience to those aged 15-25.

The survey generally takes less than 5 minutes to complete and none of the questions should result in answers identifiable to you. Any answers you choose to give will be stored internally by the British Red Cross and access will only be granted to authorised individuals under the General Data Protection regulations. The data may be used as part of ongoing research projects however your contributions will remain anonymous.

Full privacy details can be accessed here: