Local authority funding boost to support COP26 Local Champions

YouthLink Scotland is delighted to announce additional investment from Scottish Government of £160,000, to support local authorities to engage in the COP26 Scottish Youth Climate Programme. Funding will be used to support Local Champions to prepare for and attend the COP26 Youth Summit and contribute to the youth climate declaration.

The aim of the COP26 Youth Climate Programme, delivered in partnership between YouthLink Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Young Scot, is to:

Commenting on this additional investment, Tim Frew, CEO, YouthLink Scotland said:

“These funds to Local Authority CLD Youth Work Services are about ensuring a wider representation of young people’s voices in Scotland are heard, listened to and acted upon in the lead up to and beyond COP26.

“It is young people who, along with future generations, will have to live with the worst consequences of climate change. Therefore, the youth work sector must be central to, and actively engaged in any public engagement and social/policy action. We know the climate is a priority area of action for young people and they are eager to engage in action to address the climate emergency.”

Mark Molloy, Service Manager for Young People at Dumfries & Galloway Council, said:

“This investment will support the further involvement of young people in local communities across Scotland to further engage in work around climate change and the environment at a grass roots level. This investment is welcome and shows the important role that youth work has to play in supporting social action with young people.”

This very welcome additional funding, forms part of the wider programme with our partners Young Scot and Keep Scotland Beautiful, to support young people to engage in COP26, and build a lasting and meaningful legacy. This grant will:

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