Generation Green Jobs? Exploring Young People's Readiness for the Net Zero Skills Revolution

This report from The Prince’s Trust provides insights from young people that will help to inform wider policy debate about how the transition to Net Zero should impact the UK’s skills landscape.

Two years on from the publication of the Government’s Net Zero strategy, there are already worrying signs that there is a serious skills shortage on the horizon. The skills challenge is especially acute for our young people. Someone who is 16 years old now will spend most of their career in an economy undergoing a rapid transition to Net Zero. However, there is little in-depth research into young people’s perceptions, concerns and anxieties around green skills and jobs. This creates a critical gap for policymakers, who now have data on which jobs will be needed in a green economy but little sense of whether we are creating a generation of young people who will be able to fill them.

Through this report, you will be supported to understand young people’s understanding of the green economy, their perceptions of the jobs that will see the greatest growth up to 2030 and how these relate to their views on Net Zero and their own careers.