Green Jobs For Nature Survey

NatureScot is partnering with the Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) and others on a Project called ‘Green Jobs for Nature’.

NatureScot is running a survey of young people aged 12-24 to establish the best media/approaches to use in terms of engaging with our target audience on their new website.

The website is already up and running with some great information, but they’ve recently been awarded some funding and now they’re embarking on a two year communications and outreach campaign focussed in particular on people that are under-represented in the sector, including people of colour and people from low income households.

In order to do that the consultants have developed a questionnaire to find out which types of media young people use most often, and for what purpose. It also seeks to explore the extent to which young people might be interested in a nature-based career.

Take the survey.

The deadline for completion is 8 September.