Outdoor residential learning provides young people with rich life-changing experiences that build resilience, self-confidence and a deeper connection to the natural world. Let’s make it a reality for all children in England, Scotland and Wales. Outdoor Classroom Day is happening this week (Thursday 2nd November) – find out more and join the movement!

The Outward Bound Trust is on a mission to let every child in Scotland, England, and Wales experience an outdoor residential so they can become strong, resilient and curious, ready for the challenges of life.

Why? Because Teenagers in the UK are some of the most sedentary in Europe, many spend half as much time outside than their parents did, and 58% of them rank mental health as one of the top three issues for their generation.

Here you will find everything you need to shout about the Let Us Out campaign. Download factsheets and shout about Let Us Out on social.

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