New Volunteer Search Site

A joint project between Volunteer Scotland and the Digital Services Team at SCVO aims to make it easier for anyone and everyone to volunteer.

Love heart with benefits of volunteering

Volunteer Scotland and SCVO are excited to launch the new volunteer search site which aims to make it easier for anyone and everyone to volunteer.

Over many months of development and beta testing, they’ve created an accessible, user friendly and inspiring website. Wherever possible, they’ve put users in control.

Improvements include:

  • Weblink: simply becomes
  • Design: the overall design of the website has been dramatically updated. There’s more colour, graphics, and images to draw volunteers in and allow organisations and groups to add more than just text when advertising.
  • Search function: the updated intelligent search box makes searching simpler and faster than ever.
  • Beyond opportunities: new guidance information to support volunteers has been added e.g. the benefits of volunteering and awards and qualifications.
  • My Volunteer Account: providing an even more personalised experience for the volunteer allowing them to manage their volunteer journey.

“The launch of this much improved Volunteer Search Site is more than just a collection of well-considered improvements. It exemplifies our commitment to the volunteer’s experience, which begins with finding out about volunteering and honing in on the right opportunities. It is critical in delivering Scotland’s Volunteering Action Plan – now we have a platform from which to build.” Alan Stevenson, CEO, Volunteer Scotland.

“We’re delighted to present an improved service for matching volunteers with voluntary organisations across Scotland, tell their stories, and provide guidance. It’s been developed very much in partnership with Volunteer Scotland and as part of SCVO’s mission to support Scotland’s vibrant voluntary sector. This service will help people find inspiring roles for social good.” Calum MacÙisdean, SCVO Digital Services Manager.