The Prince's Trust NatWest Youth Index 2024

One in five young people in the UK have missed school or work in the past year due to their mental health, warns Prince’s Trust research.

More than a third (35%) of young people are worried their mental health will stop them achieving their career ambitions. Two in five (41%) say that worrying about achieving these goals has made their mental health worse.
Despite this, most young people still report that having a job is good for their mental health (62%), enables them to feel confident about their future (68%) and gives them a sense of purpose in life (65%).
This year’s Youth Index shows the overall wellbeing of young people remains low, with happiness and confidence in mental health seeing the biggest decrease compared to other factors over the 15-year history of the research. Happiness in work, education, qualifications and money are at all-time lows, while unemployed 16-25-year-olds consistently report the lowest overall wellbeing.