Trans Report 2024

This final report in LGBT Youth Scotland’s research project Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People seeks to specifically explore issues being faced by trans young people in Scotland.

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This report is the last of several thematic reports that focus on topics that are of significant importance to LGBTQ+ young people. Previous reports on education, health and rurality along with the full Life in Scotland for LGBT Young People report are published on our website.

Across the three sections of this report – Accessing Public Spaces, Accessing Services, and Transphobia – clear narratives emerge, revealing the different realities and challenges encountered by trans young people in Scotland; from navigating community spaces which do not always feel safe or inclusive to grappling with systemic barriers in accessing essential services.

One of the core themes that emerges is the presence of transphobia, which impacts on the quality of life that trans young people experience. Nearly three quarters of respondents identified transphobia as a significant problem in Scotland, highlighting the need for coordinated efforts to combat prejudice and discrimination.

Amidst these challenges, however, there are also positive messages. Participants voiced the presence and importance of allies, LGBTQ+ networks, and supportive environments in mitigating the adverse effects of transphobia. Their lived experience serves as a reminder of the importance of community and inclusion.

This report makes a clear case for policymakers, public institutions, and civil society to adopt the recommendations and take decisive action to safeguard the rights and well-being of trans young people in Scotland.