Within these pages is our dedication to the youth work sector and young people, showcasing the resilience of the national agency and the youth workers we support. It’s a report of positive partnerships, ongoing training and development, impact and influence, powerful networks, successful programmes, and above all, an ongoing commitment to Scotland’s young people through a vibrant youth work sector. 

YouthLink Scotland’s CEO, Tim Frew gives us an overview of the year:

Welcome to our annual report for 2022/2023. At YouthLink Scotland our vision is for a Scotland where young people realise their full potential through youth work, and we cannot possibly make any progress towards that vision, without the support of a vibrant youth work sector. A big thank you to youth workers across Scotland who have continued to deliver quality youth work in what has been another tough year for young people, coming out of the pandemic and straight into a cost-of-living crisis.  

YouthLink Scotland retains a strong reputation with the sector and government agencies and continues to play a key role in representation. We have been pleased to see sustained commitment to the delivery of a National Youth Work Strategy, notwithstanding changes at ministerial level following the First Minister’s resignation.  A new strategy is now anticipated to follow the delivery of education and skills policies.  

A key aspect of our role as the national agency is to make the connections that create impact. Hopefully, you will get a snapshot of that throughout the report, but one or two things I wanted to highlight are listed below: 

As we look forward with advances in digitalisation, education reform and public health, we know that a vibrant modern youth work sector co-designed with young people will be essential. Young people need youth work now more than ever as they seek to navigate some of the damaging impact caused by poverty and inequality.

YouthLink Scotland will continue to work tirelessly with the sector, and all partners, in order that all young people have access to high quality youth work for 2023/24 and beyond.