YouthLink Scotland supports the introduction of a Human Rights Bill to Scots Law, and agrees that embedding international human rights in Scotland should play a heightened role in our strategies, policies and decision-making processes across all areas of government and the wider public sector.

You can read our full consultation response here.

We were delighted that so many members of YouthLink Scotland attended our recent (28/10/233) Members’ Network meeting alongside the Scottish Government Human Rights Bill Team, as youth workers have a significant role in developing and delivering policies with human rights at their core.

Youth work is one of the most potent community-based assets to help us create a better society, nurturing confidence and boosting educational attainment. It stimulates personal development, helps young people manage relationships, provides volunteering opportunities and assists young people who come into contact with the law. It aids a young person’s mental health and positively contributes to respecting and promoting the fundamental rights of children and young people in Scotland.

Youth work is human rights work and supports the aims of the proposed Human Rights Bill for Scotland because:

Our sector delivers on all of the above and so much more.

As an organisation, we want a country where children’s and young people’s rights are recognised and rooted deeply in our public and voluntary services. We know youth work is important in supporting young people to understand and use their rights.

YouthLink Scotland believes this consultation on the proposals for a Human Rights Bill (introduced within this session of the Scottish Parliament) can support our shared vision.

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