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Scottish Youth Work Research Steering Group

The Scottish Youth Work Research Steering Group (SYWRSG) works to further the interests and needs of research in the youth work sector in Scotland.

This group has emerged to fulfil a need identified in the National Youth Work Strategy and to further momentum which was gathered through the publication of Universal Youth Work: A Critical Review of the Literature

The work of this group contributes to the National Youth Work Strategy and oversees the development of a national programme of youth work research, including the impact of universal youth work research.   


The aims of the group are to identify and create opportunities:


Future priorities 

The group works to identify any youth work research gaps, including emerging needs of the youth work sector and liaise with academic institutions and funders to explore opportunities for these needs to be met. 

To ensure the group are meeting the needs of the sector, they are seeking funding for a Priority Setting Partnership which involves a process of consultation with the youth work sector to set research questions, which will become the priority questions for the next five years. 

Contact our Research Team

If you are interested in hearing more about this group and how you can support its work please email our Senior Research Officer Dr Amy Calder.