Cross Party Group on Children and Young People

YouthLink Scotland and Children in Scotland are the joint secretariat for the Cross Party Group on Children and Young People. Both our organisations are committed to making sure the priorities and the issues affecting children and young people’s organisations are heard and listened to within the parliament.

Group of young people standing in front of the Scottish Parliament. Picture: Alan Rennie

MSPs involved

Each Cross Party Group has MSPs who are co-convenors of the group. They take it in turns to chair the meeting, choose the topics and decide on what the group should do about particular issues. This means they make a lot of the decisions about the group.

The Co-Convenors of the Cross Party Group on children and young people

MSPs members 

All Cross Party Groups also have what is called a secretariat. This is an organisation or person who organises the group’s meetings. Children in Scotland and YouthLink Scotland do this for the Cross Party Group on Children and Young People.

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CPG Children and Young People Pandemic Survey

The viability of services for children, young people and families throughout Scotland is under significant threat as a result of the pandemic, our survey has revealed.