The role of youth work in advancing the political literacy of young people in Scotland

Anamarija Velinovska completed a Masters Dissertation placement at YouthLink Scotland during 2020, exploring ‘The role of youth work in improving the political literacy of young people in Scotland’.

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The study examines the role of youth work in advancing the political literacy of young people in Scotland. It seeks to understand the benefits and the challenges of youth programmes and policies that aim for advancement of political literacy. Accordingly, it takes into consideration the angle of youth-workers in Scotland. In order to achieve that, it undertakes a documentary analysis of the current youth work policies and primary data analysis. The documentary analysis aims to give the reader insight into the expectations set by the policymakers and society about the required outcomes regarding political literacy.

Accordingly, it conducts primary data collection in the form of semi-structured interviews with youth workers in Scotland. The purpose of conducting primary data collection is to gather expertise and opinions on the implemented programmes addressing political literacy. In doing so, the study aims to frame the broad perception and recognition of the impact youth workers have on topics as crucial as political literacy for young people in Scotland.

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