St Mungo's Academy Coping Strategy Cards

These coping cards are designed to help youth workers engage with mental health and wellbeing issues, and can be used in conjunction with the podcast series which you can find here.

Graphic of two people facing each other, one saying 'Hey!' and the other saying 'Hiya!'. Two way arrow between them. Text reads 'Social Interactions'.
Graphic of two notebooks and a hand holding a fountain pen. Text along the top reads 'Write It Down' and the list underneath the pen reads 'Keep a diary. Write a poem. Make a list of goals. Mind map an idea. Pen a short story'.
Graphic of a phone, with text on it - 'I'm struggling', 'It's okay', 'I'm here to help' and 'Call Me'. Text above reads 'Speak to someone you can trust'.
Image of two men talking with coffee cups in their hands. Text underneath reads 'Talk to a teacher, parent or friend.'
Graphic of a person at a laptop. Text above reads 'Support Groups (on Zoom/Skype)'.
Image of someone sleeping. Graphic of the letters 'ZZZ' down the right. Text reads 'Get a good night's sleep'.
Graphic of two book, both up in the sky, surrounded by planets, clouds and starts. Text underneath reads 'Read. Read. Read.'
Graphic of a chart with a Pros and Cons list. The Pro list has two green ticks. the Cons list is crossed out in red. Text above reads 'Look at the Positives'.
Graphic of lots of musical notes, a violin and a pair of hands. Text reads 'Listen to peaceful music'.
Imagine from behind three people, with two love hearts drawn above their heads, and the text 'Visit Your Friends' written underneath.
Image of a person's hands typing on a laptop. Text above says 'Online Resources' and
Graphic of lots of music related items, with the text above reading 'Listen to Music!!'.
Graphics of an Oscar trophy, a bucket of popcorn, a clapperboard and a film reel. Text in the top right reads 'Watcha Movie'.
Images of lots of types of hobby, and the text 'Find a New Hobby'.
Image of people playing a party game together, with pieces of paper stuck to their foreheads. Text underneath reads 'More Family Time'.
Picture of someone tying the shoelaces on their trainers. Text to the side says 'Exercise'.
Image of a series of small lights, with a strip across the middle with illustrations of people's legs dancing, and the text 'Dance Party'.
Image of a person meditating outside. The text underneath reads 'Meditation'.
Picture of two hands together in prayer, and pink flower on either side. Text underneath reads 'Prayer'.