LGBT Youth Scotland

For this project the young people of Pillar youth group in the Highlands, plus an individual from Dundee, worked with LGBT Youth Scotland to produce a podcast around mental health, particularly in relation to the mental health of young LGBTI people.

Drawing of a microphones with various colours of the rainbow above it.

Throughout the planning period, the young people met on Discord to discuss the layout and content of the podcast and also for the recording aspect. This was a challenge as everyone was recording in different environments, some from phones, others through their laptop. Though challenging, the results speak for themselves, all thanks to our wonderful editor Euan!

The young people were keen to include positivity within the podcast while also discussingsome of the specific challenges that young LGBTI people face, particularly in rural areas such as the Highlands.

The podcast includes positive tips on self-care, accessing support and acceptance of your individual identity, highlighting the role LGBT Youth Scotland has played in their development through its youth work services. It really does change lives!