Passion4Fusion is a black and minority ethnic charity that supports predominantly BME Young people in Edinburgh and Lothians.

This resource explores mental health and storytelling for BME young people. The project was organised according to key themes, identified through consultation with BME young people living through the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.

The project was delivered by a group of peer leaders, whose lives have been impacted by mental health as a result of Covid-19. The peers have been trained in storytelling and have engaged with other young people about their experiences of mental health and coping mechanisms.

With their training, the young people utilised storytelling, acting and illustrations to explore the issues of mental health and Covid-19. Cultural or religious barriers to discussing or confronting mental health concerns were also explored, such as anxiety sometimes being referred to as demonic possession.

The resource highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues whilst taking a culturally sensitive approach. As a result of this resource, young people will experience less internalised mental health stigma which acts as a barrier to seeking help and will find coping mechanism that will help to support them better as they go through different mental health stages. The resource contains voices of young people and audio clips form storytelling and a digital version of the mental health resource.