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Youth Work Resources

We know that good youth work requires good youth work resources. That’s why we’re continuing to build a comprehensive library of toolkits, lesson plans, publications, professional frameworks, case studies and guidance to help you improve your youth work practice. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know.


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Policy & Consultations
Youth Work & Poverty Policy Brief
In-depth policy paper on the link between youth work, poverty and human rights. This brief outlines why youth work must be a key partner in the Scottish Government's plans to tackle poverty in Scotland.
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Policy & Consultations
Policy Convention Report - Youth Work is Human Rights Work
Our Policy Convention in 2022 with the theme - Youth Work is Human Rights Work, came as the youth work sector continued to advocate for social policy changes affecting children and young people. Read the recommendations here.
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Policy & Consultations
YouthLink Scotland Policy Brief - Youth Work and School-age Childcare
YouthLink Scotland policy brief outlining youth work sector’s role in delivering the Scottish Government’s vision for a high quality, affordable and accessible system of school-age childcare.
Policy & Consultations
Every Learner in Scotland Matters
Overview of recommendations from the National Discussion on Education.
Policy & Consultations
It's Our Future
The final report from the team led by Professor Louise Hayward
Policy & Consultations
YouthLink Scotland Response to the Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment (Phase 3)
YouthLink Scotland recommendations in response to Phase 3 report on Independent Review on the Future of Qualifications and Assessment by Professor Louise Hayward
Policy & Consultations
YouthLink Scotland Response - interim purpose and principles for post-school education, research and skills
A response to the Scottish Government's interim report on the purpose and principles of post-school education, research and skills
Policy & Consultations
National Discussion on Education - YouthLink Scotland Next Steps
Policy & Consultations
Young people's perspectives on Education reform
Summary report gathered from youth work teams across Scotland to hear young people's views on Education Reform
Policy & Consultations
No One Left Behind
Scottish Government Delivery Plan for employability services
Policy & Consultations
Education Reform - Views of Young People Participating in Youth Work
Education Reform: Let’s Talk Scottish Education. The views of young people participating in youth work
Policy & Consultations
Response to Scottish Parliament Education Children and Young People Committee
YouthLink Scotland welcomes the Scottish Attainment Challenge report from the Scottish Parliament’s Education, Children and Young People Committee