Youth Work Resources

We know that good youth work requires good youth work resources. That’s why we’re continuing to build a comprehensive library of toolkits, lesson plans, publications, professional frameworks, case studies and guidance to help you improve your youth work practice. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know.


Resource Type
Thematic Area
Policy & Consultations
Response to Rights Institution Priorities 2020-2024
YouthLink Scotland welcomes the opportunity to comment on the development of the Commission’s Strategic Plan for 2020 – 2024
Policy & Consultations
Response to External Affairs Committee on Scotland's Relationship with the European Union
The inquiry asks questions on the principles that should inform the focus of the Scottish Government’s external affairs policy regarding the European Union.
Policy & Consultations
YLS YS SYP Lockdown Lowdown Report
The Scottish Youth Parliament, YouthLink Scotland and Young Scot partnered to deliver LockdownLowdown – a survey of young people from across Scotland on their concerns about COVID-19.
Policy & Consultations
YLS YS Joint Statement on Sale of Pyrotechnics in Scotland
We are issuing a joint statement on the Use of Fireworks in Scotland and Tackling the Misuse of Pyrotechnics consultation.
Policy & Consultations
YLS Response to UNCRC Incorporation Bill Consultation
This consultation provides an opportunity to increase our understanding of what children and young people’s rights are and how we can embed those rights into the fabric of law in Scotland.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Sentencing Young People's Guidelines
Sentencing young people guideline consultation.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Scottish Government Consultation on Public Transport
Consultation on free bus travel for people resident in Scotland aged under 19.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Scottish Government Consultation on a Green Recovery
The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee Green recovery Submission From YouthLink Scotland.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Review of Further Education
YouthLink Scotland is responding to the Scottish Funding Council call for Evidence on A Review of Coherent Provision and Sustainability in Further and Higher Education.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Justice Committee on Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill
YouthLink Scotland is responding to the Justice Committee call for Evidence on the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill.
Policy & Consultations
Response to Call for Views on Scottish Government Proposals for Economic Recovery
Call for Views: Advisory Group on Economic Recovery
Policy & Consultations
Position Statement on Youth Work and Employability
YouthLink Scotland believes youth work’s role within the employability system deserves greater recognition.