Youth Work Resources

We know that good youth work requires good youth work resources. That’s why we’re continuing to build a comprehensive library of toolkits, lesson plans, publications, professional frameworks, case studies and guidance to help you improve your youth work practice. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know.


Resource Type
Thematic Area
Case Studies & Good Practice
Syrian New Scots Aberdeen
Case study example showing how youth work can offer effective support to young people learning English.
Case Studies & Good Practice
PKAVS Tutoring Support Perth and Kinross
Additional support with school work for young people in Perth and Kinross.
Case Studies & Good Practice
Case Study Kear Campus
A collaboration between youth work practitioners and teachers to offer alternative pathways within the school curriculum
Case Studies & Good Practice
Inverclyde Academy S3 Group
A youth work programme at Inverclyde Academy designed to help young people overcome barriers to learning
Publications & Research
Learning in Lockdown
How youth work in Scotland adapted their practice to support young people during the first Covid 19 lockdown in 2020
Case Studies & Good Practice
Outward Bound Trust - Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award
Case study of an outdoor learning and community leadership programme offered by the Outward Bound Trust
Case Studies & Good Practice
Employability Case Study - Dunedin Canmore Youth Project
Edinburgh-based youth work project offering an alternative pathway for young people in their senior phase.
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Policy & Consultations
YPQI Country Context Briefing 2019 - Scotland
Youth Programme Quality Intervention (YPQI): The youth work policy and practice context in Scotland
The Link Sector Magazine
The Link - 2019 - Youth Work and School Partnerships
This issue is packed with case studies and evidence that youth work and schools partnerships have a positive impact on young people's attainment.
Professional Frameworks
Combined Youth Work National Occupation Standards 2019
Unleash your full potential as a youth worker with the Youth Work National Occupational Standards (NOS).
The Link Sector Magazine
The Link - 2018 - Youth Participation
Explore youth work's role in helping young people find their voice, take social action and engage with democracy.
The Link Sector Magazine
The Link - 2017 - Mental Health
How does youth work have a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of Scotland's young people?