National Youth Work Induction

We believe that every youth worker should have a minimum level of training to give them the skills and confidence to deliver high quality youth work and the inspiration to continue their practitioner learning journey. 

Inform your practice. Meet standards. Change lives.

Download the National Youth Work Induction Checklist today and learn the values, principles, approaches and skills you need to be an effective youth worker in Scotland.

Youth worker checking his phone in front of a group of young people

The youth work sector has developed a checklist of topics that should be covered during induction training for youth workers – both volunteers and paid staff. 

Developed by YouthLink Scotland’s Youth Work Training Forum in 2018, this checklist should ensure inductions give a good sense of the values, principles, approaches and skills needed to deliver youth work as well as key practical considerations.  

These topics help practitioners to meet the National Occupational Standards for Youth Work and the competencies for Community Learning and Development (CLD). 

The purpose is to have a minimum induction standard across Scotland so that staff and volunteers can expect the same level of induction training wherever they practice and so that induction is transferable across organisations and locations; for example, between the voluntary sector and local authorities. 

This recognises training that practitioners have already undertaken, the time commitment they have given and the quality of induction provision across the youth work sector. 

Feedback from youth work training providers

“Sometimes when developing in-house training it can be difficult to decide what should and should not be included. This will allow us to develop a course for new people joining our organisation with breaking it down into sections and what can be covered in each.”

“I have had a look through this document and I believe it is a very in depth induction and allows to cover a lot with new volunteers and staff.”

How are you using the National Youth Work Induction Checklist?

We'd love to hear about how the Checklist is informing and improving your youth work practice. Get in touch with our Workforce & Practice Manager Liz Green with any comments, feedback or queries.