Youth Work and the Scottish Attainment Challenge

Youth work helps to deliver Curriculum for Excellence and has an important role to play in tackling the poverty-related attainment gap in Scotland.

Partnership in Practice

Scott Fraser, Jack Kane Centre, and Head Teacher, Margot McAlister share their perspectives on the value of partnership working between youth work and school in south east Edinburgh.

 “Alongside schools, youth work improves the wellbeing, readiness to learn and educational outcomes of children and young people.”

Pupil Equity Fund: National Operational Guidance, Scottish Government 2022

YouthLink Scotland’s Youth Work and Schools Partnership programme, one of the Scottish Attainment Challenge national programmes, works closely with Scottish Government and other SAC partners to promote and develop the role of youth work in closing the poverty related attainment gap.  We do this by sharing good practice, supporting practice development and helping to gather evidence of the impact of youth work on attainment.

Youth Work and Schools – Programme Focus

Recent Publications

Impact of the Youth Work Education Recovery Fund

young people developed new skills
young people reported improved wellbeing
young people overcame barriers to learning

"Youth workers have skills - and huge insight from the relationships they build with young people in communities - to help engage young people in learning."


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