National Youth Work Conference 2024 - Upstream Solutions: Youth Work’s Role in Prevention 

Join us at the National Youth Work Conference on Tuesday 5th November in Glasgow where we’ll be examining how youth work’s early interventions not only repairs but prevents fractures in our communities. 

We’ll explore how youth work’s ‘upstream’ approach can build resilience, develop skills, promote healthy lifestyles – and ultimately change lives for the better.  

In a world where every day seems to be a bad news day, it’s time to recognise our role in prevention. Our conference highlights the significance of early intervention, addressing root causes, and empowering young people to navigate life’s challenges and build resilience. From mental health to digital literacy, from education to youth justice, we’ll showcase examples of youth work’s effective preventative action and its impact on individual and community well-being.   

At its core, youth work is an empowering educational practice. It supports young people to fulfil their potential and thrive, at the same time youth work is prevention.  Research shows that investing in youth work leads to significant improvements in mental health and wellbeing, reduces youth offending, and boosts educational attainment and equity– making significant cost savings to the public purse. Continued investment in youth work can ease pressure on future budgets and equip young people with the skills and confidence they need for life.  

So, join us as we champion “Upstream Solutions” — an approach that empowers young people to identify risks and protective factors in their lives, preventing crises before they occur. By prioritising youth work and prevention, we not only build a resilient generation but also alleviate the strain on our public services and create a brighter future for all.  

This year’s conference will put more focus on CPD opportunities, so you can expect three keynote speakers, more workshops and training, as well as breathing space for all important networking.  

Don’t miss this chance to be part of the conversation!  

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Participating in the National Youth Work Conference can be recorded as six hours of Professional Learning time, which can contribute to the 35 hours per year (pro rata) required for membership of the CLD Standards Council, another professional body, or your own learning and development plan.

When recording your professional learning you may want to reflect on your development from this event in relation to the relevant CLD Competences and CLD Ethics.

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