Celebrating Our Communities

Communities are at the heart of charity, Crimestoppers. That’s why this summer, rather than their usual campaigns, they want to share their resources and let you lead. Because you know your community best!

Working in partnership with Network Rail Scotland, Crimestoppers is giving six youth groups (with registered charitable status) £500 to spend on creating a special day – it could be a trip, an art project, a disco, anything… all they ask is that during the event your young people learn that if they know or suspect information about crime, they can speak up 100% anonymously to them and why speaking up is important.

They will provide a box full of resources, digital assets and a one hour training event for staff.

The application has been designed to be as short as possible – they just need photographs and/or videos from your event which you give them consent to share on social media platforms.

The deadline for applications is 2nd June. The winning groups will be notified on 14th June 2023. The event must be run between 1st July 2023 to 31st August 2023. Winning groups will be given four tickets to attend a Celebration of Communities event on Friday 6th October in Glasgow. All reasonable travel expenses will be paid.

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