Impact of Youth Work

Looking for a national bank of evidence to demonstrate the impact of youth work to funders and those making the policy decisions?


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We are committed to demonstrating the impact of youth work, which is why we created out Impact Hub to showcase the best examples of youth work changing young people’s lives.

By effectively demonstrating impact, we can influence decision makers and ensure the policy landscape reflects the value that youth work adds to young people’s lives. Find out more about our Policy & Influence work.

It’s all about showing results: great results for young people because of great youth work. This Hub is updated year round with the very latest statistics, facts, policy and case studies.

It allows us to capture the ‘why’ of youth work, showcasing the extent of our life changing impact, which makes us more seen and understood by those that fund us.


Key Statistics

YouthLink Scotland's Training Impact

YouthLink Scotland delivered over 3158 learning places over 2021-22, with a total of 162 online training events put on for the sector. 

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I was self-harming regularly; sometimes not even aware I was doing it and was fighting off suicidal thoughts daily. That all changed when I started to access youth work services through The Toon, run by the Youth Enquiry Service.

Young person, Impact of Community-Based Youth Work in Dumfries & Galloway report
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Youth Work Education Recovery Fund

The Youth Work Education Recovery Fund (YWERF) saw 64 funded programmes across Scotland deliver over 49,000 hours of youth work to over 17,000 young people. 82% of participants developed new skills 79% of young people improved their health and wellbeing 78% of young people overcame barriers to learning #YouthWorkChangesLives

Without LGBT Youth Scotland lockdown would have been horrible…getting support from youth workers has helped a lot. My mental health would have been in a much worse state than it is now, and I am not sure I’d be safe or alive right now.” – Impact of LGBT Youth Scotland’s Digital Youth Work on Young People report.

Impact of LGBT Youth Scotland’s Digital Youth Work on Young People report

Youth Work & Schools Partnership

Find out how youth work complements the formal curriculum, creating more flexibility and choice for young people and enabling their development as confident, successful learners. 

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Share Your Impact

If you have something you think demonstrates the impact of youth work, locally or nationally, we'd love to share them as part of the Impact Hub. Click on the button below to email in.