New Policy Paper Outlines Youth Work’s Role in Tackling Poverty in Scotland

Our new position paper on poverty outlines why youth work must be considered a primary partner in the Scottish Government’s strategy to tackle poverty in Scotland.

To mark the start of #ChallengePoverty Week, we are publishing a brand-new policy paper outlining youth work’s potential to be an instrumental lever in the battle against poverty in Scotland. 

Our Youth Work & Poverty Policy Brief underlines the crucial impact of youth workers in improving the lives of children and young people, and the central role youth work can play in delivering on the Scottish Government’s Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan. 

The paper identifies poverty as a rights issue and outlines the key characteristics of the youth work approach, making it uniquely positioned to address both the causes and symptoms of poverty:

Throughout #ChallengePoverty Week, a national campaign run by Poverty Alliance Scotland each year, we’ll be sharing content and evidence to make the argument for youth work’s role to create a better Scotland for our young people. 

Tackling the barriers of poverty will take all of society. YouthLink Scotland calls on the Scottish Government to invest in youth work as a powerful tool in tackling child poverty and creating positive change in the lives of young people. The policy brief offers a comprehensive roadmap for harnessing the untapped potential of youth work. 

For more information about this policy brief, please contact Kevin Kane, Policy and Research Manager at YouthLink Scotland: 

Youth Work is the Perfect Partner for Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Action Plan

Our Policy & Research Manager Kevin Kane explores the connection between youth work, human rights and poverty – and how the youth work sector is a perfect fit to ensure the delivery of the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Action Delivery Plan.