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Discover how to use digital media and technology as an integrated element of your youth work, supporting young people to navigate their online lives.

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Right now, digital is an incredibly important enabler for young people. That’s why we have such a strong focus on using digital well in a youth work setting, helping you incorporate digital into both face-to-face and online activities.  We will work with you to develop digital youth work. That means:


Youth Work and Cyber Resilience - what young people said
Our new report highlights the importance of discussion with young people as a way of building cyber resilience.
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Resources and e-Learning
The website is a great place to start if you are looking for ideas or information. You'll find some of the most relevant resources here, plus learning that is designed specifically for youth workers.
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What is Digital Youth Work?
Digital youth work focuses on the digitalisation and digital transformation of the youth work sector and youth work practice. It means using digital media and technology in youth work practice as a tool, an activity, and as content. It includes social media, meeting online and using digital tools when you meet together.
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Building Cyber Resilience
As young people spend more and more of their lives taking part in digital activities and connecting in online spaces, it’s vital that youth workers can help young people explore ways of staying safe and secure online. We have activities, resources and a benchmark that can form the foundation for developing your own resources.
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Digital Youth Network
The Digital Youth Network meets several times a year, sharing practice and developing community around this fast-paced topic. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Hilary Phillips The network is jointly chaired with Young Scot.
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Training and Digital Youth Work Resources
We deliver regular training and events to meet the needs of the youth work sector. Find out about upcoming opportunities and get in touch to discuss needs for in house training. Training includes short in person workshops and a variety of e-learning opportunities.
Digital Makerspaces
Help young people develop tech skills that will help them contribute in an increasingly digitalised society. Discover how digital makerspaces create positive environments where young people can play, create, have fun and learn together.
Digital Youth Work Conference 2024
Take a look back at the 2024 Digital Youth Work conference, a day filled with thinking, collaboration and activity.

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