Building cyber resilience

An important focus for digital youth work is to help young people develop positive attitudes to staying safe and secure when using digital devices. Cyber resilience is about how to build the right habits around passwords and how to avoid scams and phishing attempts.

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Safe, Secure and Empowered

Find resources that you can use in your youth work. Key digital youth work resources explore how to use passwords, avoiding phishing and scams, and developing good practices around social media.

The resources were developed by YouthLink Scotland in partnership with: Midlothian Council, Police Scotland, The Prince’s Trust Scotland, Learning Link Scotland, Young Scot, Carnegie UK Trust, North Ayrshire Council, Lead Scotland, Scottish Community Development Centre. CLD Standards Council.

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Cyber Scotland Partnership

In October 2021, YouthLink Scotland became members of the CyberScotland Partnership, alongside existing members including Scottish Government and Police Scotland. The Cyber Scotland website is full of useful information about how to improve your organisations’ Cyber security. Find out more about the CyberScotland Partnership.

Use our Benchmark to create Cyber Resilience Badges and Resources

If you are creating badges or resources on this theme, then use the benchmark as a starting place. We’ve developed this resource as a way of ensuring that key Cyber Resilience topics are tackled at a level that is appropriate to your age group of young people. Fun, relevant examples are included in the benchmark to help you get started.  And see below for some recent resources created here in Scotland, and available for you to use with your group.

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Where's Your Head At?
Where’s Your Head At? is a youth led Role-Playing Game underpinned by the UNCRC. The game was heavily influenced by peer education resources young people created and features their lived experience in Highland. Players can explore risk, share experiences anonymously, gain or lose rewards/items/health, and interact with virtual representatives from specialist organisations across Highland. The game aligns with the Cyber Resilience Badge Benchmark and can be used remotely or face-to-face. Players can provide feedback through the title screen and can receive a dynamic youth award for playing and creating their own content. The game was developed by Youth Highland and can be packaged and emailed, so get in touch with Bronwyn.
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Youth Scotland Cyber Resilience Activity Toolkit
Cyber Resilience has been identified as a high priority for all young people in Scotland as part of their ongoing digital education and wellbeing. This toolkit is for workers or young leaders who are looking to provide safe, fun and engaging activities to allow young people to explore their on-line safety and wellbeing. The activities are designed to be run with older primary and secondary aged young people but any of the activities can be adapted to the age and stage of the group. Our toolkit contains 16 activities.
Creators of Change Cyber Resilient Citizens
Creators of Change
The programme was designed by a group of 10 young people from the Youth Enquiry Service in Dumfries, in a collaboration with youth groups from across Dumfries and Galloway. Funded through Youth Link Scotland's Cyber Resilience Badges and Resources Fund, it aims to support them learn important digital literacy skills in a relatable and engaging way helping them to build a safer, inspiring online world. Designed for delivery with young people aged 11-14 in groups of 5 - 15.
What is Data? Cover slide from Datakirk
Data and cyber
Datakirk developed course materials that include a series of topics that help young people understand what data is and how it is valuable. The course covers key thinking about privacy and digital footprint. Datakirk is an Edinburgh Social Enterprise that offers free and paid courses to equip everyone, regardless of their background.