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#IWill Scotland aims to make participation in volunteering and social action the norm for all young people!  Will you join us?

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The power of youth!

The #IWill movement in Scotland aims to encourage and empower more young people to take action, make a difference and influence change within their communities, the environment and broader society through activities such as volunteering, fundraising, mentoring, campaigning and activism.

#IWill partners are working together across Scotland to deliver a cross-sector approach that will transform the role and perception of young people in society. We are calling on organisations to come forward and support the young people of today make a difference for the world of tomorrow!

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the #IWill Movement in Scotland beyond and support more young people to take action, make a difference & influence change!

Since 2013 over 1000 organisations across the UK pledged to think about what they can do to involve young people in social action. On top of that there are over 350 young #IWill Ambassadors across the UK, promoting and celebrating the voices of young people!

But there is still more that needs to be done to grow the Movement and we need you to join us to help continue to grow the #PowerOfYouth!

Find out more on how to get involved and start spreading the word about the #PowerOfYouth and Join the Movement!

News About #IWill

iWill charter signatories (website) by YouthLink Scotland


#IWill 10year Anniversary Comms Pack
(PDF, 309 KB)
#IWill Scotland Strategic Plan 2021-26
(PDF, 2 MB)
Guide to Creating a Blog
(PDF, 2 MB)
How to petition UK Govt.
(PDF, 368 KB)
Guide to Fundraising
(PDF, 634 KB)
How to contact your MP or Councilor
(PDF, 617 KB)
Power Of Youth Worksheet
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