Youth Work and Education Reform

YouthLink Scotland has been engaging across all aspects of Education Reform, to elevate the voice of young people participating in youth work.




Young women looking through their exhibition items at the National Library of Scotland

We call for Education Reform to drive a transformed education system that seeks to address the purposes described in Article 29 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Scottish Youth Work Leaders' Forum

Youth Work Contributions to the Education Reform Discussion

YouthLink Scotland responses to Education Reform on behalf of the youth work sector – and young people participating in youth work

Recent Education Reform Publications

Key documents connected to the Scottish education reform process

One in three
young people say they are not currently getting what they need from their education
young people want to be able to access youth work during the school day
young people say their skills development and achievements through youth work should be recorded and acknowledged alongside formal qualifications

“Youth work tends to fill a lot of the gaps that secondary schools leave, but it shouldn’t be a situation where one works to solve the issues created by the other – they should work together and develop a way of helping students as one combined force."

Young Person

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