How to Create Healing Stories for Distressed Children

This online training day gives you powerful, non-intrusive ways to help distressed young people – and others – overcome difficulties in their lives – the skills you will learn can also be used with adults.

On this practical live training event you will learn how to tap into your own metaphorical brain to create therapeutic stories and metaphors ‘in the moment’ that are appropriate to each individual’s circumstances and experiences.

Throughout the day Pamela Woodford – a master storyteller and highly experienced psychotherapist – draws on her own case histories, metaphor and story examples as she guides you through the steps involved in ‘thinking on your feet’ and creating a story yourself in the moment.  By the end of the day you will have lots of new, innovative ways to engage with and help distressed children deal with the experiences they have had – whilst also offering them hope, understanding, and new ways of thinking and feeling about life and themselves.