Supporting young people to navigate their online lives

Find out more about the impact of #DigitalYouthWork, keeping young people safe online and giving them the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital world.

Digital youth work transforms the way young people connect, learn, and grow in today’s digitally-led world. By leveraging digital platforms and tools, youth work can successfully reduce isolation, with 86% of participants reporting decreased feelings of loneliness. But it also helps young people understand and feel comfortable about their place in the digital world, with 77% of young people involved in digital youth work having experienced improved wellbeing.

Digital youth work programmes range from online safety workshops to virtual youth groups, ensuring that young people are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the digital landscape safely, confidently and effectively. As one young person shared: “One-to-ones [with my youth worker] have been easier as it’s easier to type what I want to say. It’s allowed me to have a quick chat with my youth worker more regularly.”

We know that young people thrive when they have access to high-quality youth work. Digital youth work simply widens that access.