The Stevenston Charitable Trust

Established in 2000 with the particular aim of supporting the arts, and particularly the art of music, in the Lothians and Borders regions of Scotland.

The Stevenston Charitable Trust makes grants to charities which work in the following fields:

  1. The advancement of the arts and culture – the Trustees favour musical and visual arts, but other aspects of the arts and culture will be considered. Charities which promote access to the arts by young people are of particular interest to the Trustees. The vast majority of grants are made in this field.
  2. The advancement of health – the Trustees consider only a small number of grants in this field in any one year focused on the Lothians and Borders regions of Scotland only. Large national health charities are unlikely to be successful.

Please note that the Trustees are unlikely to entertain applications which fall outside these two main areas.

The Trustees typically make awards of between £1,000 and £3,000 available. Larger grants or multi-year commitments are available only in very limited circumstances, at the Trustees’ discretion.

The Trustees meet once a year, usually in January or February, to decide on grants for the following 12 months.